How to survive the war between private labels, private brands and manufacurer brands?

Markets are changing like never before. Consumers want ever better products at an ever sharper price. Product life-cycles are shortening since consumers time and again want something new. They also want it the sooner the better. The old separation between manufacturer and retailer is visibly shifting. Large retail organisations and purchasing groups are more and more frequently trying to find ways to use private labels in their offer. At the same time, formulas like Ikea and H&M are managed so well, that we cannot speak about private labels anymore, but rather private brands. Retailers want to innovate these brands, just like A-brands. They are not only copying to remain as cheap as possible, but they are developing their product portfolio to consolidate the image of the formula thus increasing customer loyalty.

Furthermore, logistics possibilities have expanded enormously. And what to say about the progressing information technology that enables us time and again to make better analysis? All in all, we live in a world that becomes ever more complex and faster.

In this book I learn industrial companies how to cope with the new challenges. There is much information about companies like Albert Heijn, Tesco and Zara. These are companies with a big influence on the total value chain and therefore on industrial companies.

ISBN:90-13-03874-3 Kluwer


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